Get ahead of the editing game with the Greece presets!

↦ The presets will be sent to you via email shortly after your purchase.

↦ Includes: total of 12 presets

↦ Checkout some of the Before & Afters in the photo gallery!

Note: Presets are custom made filters you can apply to your pictures. Minor adjustments may be needed.





Greece presets are inspired by the Greek islands but can be used for a variety of different city or tropical shots as they create vibrant pastel tones, warm skin tones, dreamy blue skies and magical sunsets in just one click.

The Package includes 12 unique presets to up your editing game while keeping that consistent look for your feed.

All of them are compatible with RAW and JPEG pictures and work with Adobe Lightroom for desktop. For better results I recommend using RAW images.

How to edit with Greece presets:
Try out as many presets as possible on Lightroom for the picture you are editing and select the one you like most!
Then you can slightly adjust the settings if you want to perfect it mainly focusing on exposure, temperature, saturation & Color Correction sliders.
If your skin tone appears a bit too orange adjust the Saturation & Luminance of the orange color on the Color Correction Section.

How do I install?

Installation is easy! Immediately upon purchase you will receive everything you need to get you set up, including a step-by-step Installation Guide, as well as your unique download link to receive your preset files.

Note: Because digital products cannot be returned, unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds.



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