Greece Custom Travel Advice -1:1 Session (45 min Call)


Plan your Dream trip to Greece with a 1:1 Session with Lucy!

↦ Book a time and day that fits your schedule

↦ Includes: personalised advice and recommendations for your trip

↦ Whether you are planning a honeymoon trip, family adventure or looking for hidden gems in Greece, Lucy is your go to person for the best places/ hotels/ restaurants and more!

Note: You will need to provide some topics about your trip to Greece you want to discuss before the Call.





Book a 45-minute Video Call with Lucy in which you can ask all your Greece travel related questions in real time.

Why book Custom Greece Travel Advice by Lucy?

  • Lucy travels to Greece every year and has been to over 40 Greek islands including the most popular ones and numerous lesser known islands
  • Don’t spend hours researching
  • Avoid tourist traps and Go on a worry-free holiday
  • Stay at accommodations and do things that match your specific wishes and budget
  • Learn insider secrets and tips

This session is based on Lucy’s personal experiences and knowledge.

Note: Because digital products cannot be returned, unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds.


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