As you already know I love traveling! One of my favorite activities when I visit a foreign country is to try their local delicacies and meet people from different cultures. It takes me a lot of time to research restaurants and find non touristy places to dine when I am abroad and I absolutely try to avoid tourist traps by all means. So I was super excited when I was given the opportunity to experience a VizEat event on my recent trip to London! VizEat is a platform that connects travelers with locals all over the world who organize Events or prepare a delicious home cooked meal for you to enjoy!


I would best describe VizEat as the Airbnb for food! This amazing platform allows you to book your unique dining experience in the country you are traveling too! Hosts offer lots of interesting options like taking part in Cooking Classes, Wine Tasting Events and Home Cooked Meals or you can even attend Rooftop Parties.

From the VizEat website or app, you can pick the date, location, number of Guests and all the Events available show up! Once you have chosen the Event and made your request to book, the host will contact you within 24 hours to confirm and send you the exact address. I picked “

Sunday Brunch” by my lovely host Camille in London!


I was in London during a heat wave in June and when I arrived at Camille’s house I was happily greeted by Camille with a fresh and icy cold smoothie which was so refreshing! She took me to her beautiful garden where we would try the delicious brunch she prepared! I wanted to try everything right away as it looked so yummy! I loved her decoration and outdoor secret garden filled with lovely flowers. We instantly clicked with Camille and were talking non-stop about my trip to London and about her life in France and her job in a Catering Company in London! She even gave me her secret tips on how she made the pancakes so irresistibly fluffy!


This was definitely by far the Best Brunch I have ever had and as Camille describes it definitely is “Orgasmic”!

Main course:

· Incredibly crispy maple glazed bacon

· Fried eggs

· Mashed avocado and coriander

· Roasted cherry tomatoes

· Roasted mushroom and onions

· Creamy spinach

· Sausages


· French and English cheese platter

· Choice of savoury & sweet sauces

(truffle pesto, homemade marmelades, honey)

· Homemade salad fruit

· Airy pancakes / banana / blueberries pancakes

Not only did I enjoy the delicious Sunday Brunch Camille prepared but I was also able to connect with a local! It’s always fun trying something new and doing non-touristy things and VizEat allowed me to do that. This is an experience I know I will never forget and plan on doing more often during my upcoming travel in South East Asia. Thank you so much, VizEat, for giving me this amazing opportunity to experience!

This post was sponsored by VizEat. As always, all honest opinions are my own.

Ready to try your first VizEat experience? I would love to hear about your experience!


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